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The Fishing rights were purchased in 2008.

Before  then  the members of the fishing clubs that had leased the fishing,kept very quiet about their salmon catches, so that they might not loose their fishing. However it is known that the beat was very productive during that time.

Because of inheritance issues the fishing rights had to be sold and we now own these. At first nearly all of the riverbank was very thickly overgrown and  access to the river  very limited. Over the past few years  more access  could only slowly provided since anything work that was carried out had to have permission of the owner of the land of the riverbank.

In October 2011 the land along the river was  purchased.. This provided us with the opportunity to considerably  improve the fishery.  A access track from the railway crossing to the top of the beat now exists, extensive riverbank clearing carried out , steps  for easy access at steep bank sides made,  a fishing/lunch hut next to the car park overlooking the river provided, and  a fishing boat exists too. All this work was carried out  in the spring and sommer of 2012. Consequently the beat was and is still only very lightly fished, which shows in the fishing records. We are now looking forward to provide the best possible service to all anglers coming to our beat.